Rec: Shaking It Out by Sholio

Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli

Knightwing Banner
Title: Shaking It Out
Author: Sholio
Canon: The Defenders/MCU
Pairing: Colleen Wing/Mercedes ‘Misty’ Knight
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 1,920
Summary: Misty pays their cover charge and snugs an arm around Colleen’s waist as they mosey in. She’s warm and solid against Colleen’s side, her flesh-and-blood arm

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The Death of Fëanor

Jenny Dolfen Art

“Then his sons raised up their father and bore him back towards Mithrim. But as they drew near to Eithel Sirion and were upon the upward path to the pass over the mountains, Fëanor bade them halt; for his wounds were mortal, and he knew that his hour was come. And looking out from the slopes of Ered Wethrin with his last sight he beheld far off the peaks of Thangorodrim, mightiest of the towers of Middle-earth, and knew with the foreknowledge of death that no power of the Noldor would ever overthrow them; but he cursed the name of Morgoth thrice, and laid it upon his sons to hold to their oath, and to avenge their father. Then he died; but he had neither burial nor tomb, for so fiery was his spirit that as it sped his body fell to ash, and was borne away like smoke; and…

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Books That Celebrate Fandom

Cat on the Bookshelf

Have you seen more references to Harry Potter, Twilight, or other fandoms in YA books this decade? I think it’s a good trend when it’s done right. I enjoy it more when the book celebrates fandom, and it’s usually about a fictional fan culture. These are cool to read because it speaks to the fan in you and draws you into that book’s fan culture.

This week, I want to list some of YA books that celebrate fandom. For most of these books in the list, I wish the source material the characters adore and take to the next level were real. Here is the list of YA novels that celebrate fandom.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I had to start with the novel that had “fangirl” in the name. Fangirl was the first book that I read that celebrated fandom in a fictional setting. It’s also the oldest…

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Lessons from Fanfiction: Reading Fanfiction Has Made Me a Better Writer

Stars in my Sugar Bowl

Fanfiction gets a bad rap from literary circles, undeservedly so, in my opinion. While there is a great quantity of unreadable dreck posted online, there is also a wealth of good writing out there, some of which could be polished into something great. If you view sites like Archive of Our Own and as giant discount shopping malls of stories, you might enjoy the thrill – as I do – of finding a designer gem amid the clutter.

As someone who both writes and reads a lot of fanfiction, I can say that I’ve learned a great deal about writing from both sides of the process. These are the top three ways that reading fanfiction has improved my writing:

I’ve expanded my vocabulary. And no, not merely in a graphic sense or with creative use of expletives! Somewhere along the line, I decided to stop kidding myself and began…

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Mug Full of Books

This week I seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole of Good Omens fanfiction and as a result have read very little else! The way the fandom has expanded is phenominal and I love it!

This then seemed like a good time to write a post about fanfiction. I’ve been reading it for years now, on and off. I often go through fanfiction binges and then I won’t read any for ages before jumping back in again.

In my opinion fanfiction is definity on the plus side of things the internet has given us. I first stumbled upon it in my student days when I was deeply in love with Stargate SG1 which at the time was showing on E4 (before it was it’s own channel, yes I am showing my age!) I was thrilled to find many many stories online written by people who adored the show as…

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A Love Letter to Fanfiction” by Lee Blauersouth

I am so excited to welcome Lee Blauersouth to the blog today to talk about the transformative and queer power of fanfiction. They are the author of the Secondhand Origin stories. You can find them on Twitter or their website.

I was born in 1983. I realized I was bisexual in 7th grade, which, if I have my math right, means I was out to myself and a small, select group of friends in 1995. My coming of age was during what I’m horrified to find people have started calling “the turn of the century”.

In one teensy, tinyway, things were easier then. I knew never to pin my hopes on any movie or TV show to give me the stories I really and truly wanted. I knew implicitly that they could only whisper to me under their breath. Xena could only kiss Gabrielle if there was body swapping…

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Rec: And No Net Ensnares Me by thimbleful

Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli

Jonsa Banner
Title: And No Net Ensnares Me
Author: thimbleful
Canon: Game of Thrones | ASOIAF
Pairing: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow
Rating: Explicit [NC-17]
Word Count: 130,532
Summary: Since Jon left, Sansa has struggled to keep things together and she longs for his return. However, when he does return things only become worse. Jon learns about

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Rec: If You Try to Break Me, You Will Bleed by Dialux

Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli

Jonsa Banner
Title: If You Try to Break Me, You Will Bleed
Author: Dialux
Canon: Game of Thrones | ASOIAF
Pairing: Sansa Stark/Jon Snow
Rating: Teen [PG]
Word Count: 96,676
Summary: It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly,

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Rec: Full Fathom Five by hardlyfatal

Oh my God, I love this one! It a balm for my soul after season eight.

Fanfiction Recommendations by Isabelle Disraeli

GoT Braime Recs
Title: Full Fathom Five
Author: hardlyfatal
Canon: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF
Pairing: Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister
Rating: Mature [R]
Word Count: 15,187
Summary: Brienne loses herself, and Jaime is forever changed. A conjecture about how Jaime might reunite with Brienne, now that he’s left Cersei and KL to go north and fight

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