Books That Celebrate Fandom

Cat on the Bookshelf

Have you seen more references to Harry Potter, Twilight, or other fandoms in YA books this decade? I think it’s a good trend when it’s done right. I enjoy it more when the book celebrates fandom, and it’s usually about a fictional fan culture. These are cool to read because it speaks to the fan in you and draws you into that book’s fan culture.

This week, I want to list some of YA books that celebrate fandom. For most of these books in the list, I wish the source material the characters adore and take to the next level were real. Here is the list of YA novels that celebrate fandom.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I had to start with the novel that had “fangirl” in the name. Fangirl was the first book that I read that celebrated fandom in a fictional setting. It’s also the oldest…

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